Location of SRIKALAHASTHI PIPES Limited in one of the most underdeveloped areas of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh proved to be a big boon for the local people in terms of employment opportunities, direct and indirect, leading to considerable economic growth of the region.

It is well connected by road and rail to the required destinations. It has its own fleet of material handling equipments and also has its own railway siding facilities.

Technology & Capacities

With the state of the art technology supplied by Korf Technological Services-Brazil, the plant has a Mini Blast Furnace (MBF) of 250 m3 working volume producing and meeting DIP quality. And also producing Foundry grade Pig Iron supplying to major foundries. The mini blast furnace has been set up, conforming to the latest technology in an eco-friendly ambience, with the power requirements taken care of by a captive power plant of capacity 2.5 MW. BF gas fired captive power plant has been installed to utilize BF gas generated from the furnace. This will reduce the power cost and also save the environment due to emission of gas to atmosphere.

Product Quality

Pig iron manufactured by SRIKALAHASTHI PIPES meets exacting product and quality standards. LANCO pig iron is ideally suitable for Ductile iron pipe as well as for Foundry applications such as pressure tight precision castings.

Quality of Pig Iron broadly confirms to following Chemical Specifications:
Grade Carbon (%) Silicon(%) Manganese (%) Sulphur (%) Phosphorus(%)
3.5 Min
3.5 Min
0.40 Max
0.06 Max
0.060 Max
0.130 Max
0.100 Max

Customized grades of pig iron to suit individual end use requirements may also be offered by prior arrangement.


  • Virgin liquid metal from Mini Blast Furnace is made available to Ductile Iron Pipe Plant.
  • Energy conservation through direct usage of liquid metal from Mini Blast Furnace in Ductile Iron Pipe Plant.
  • Blast furnace gas generated is used 100% in Blast pre-heating, power generation, annealing furnace and Ladle heating areas.
  • Process water is recycled after treatment.
  • Captive power generation with MBF gases


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